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Posted: 12th August 2013By: AdminTags: Standard

Conrad Shawcross - Timepiece

Currently on show at The Roundhouse in Camden, Timepiece is an ambitious, rare expression of practicality and conceptual design. A vast 8 metre faceless clock suspended over the Roundhouse's epic Main Space, the piece aims to tell time in a subtle and truly unique way. Shafts of light are beamed at the moving hands of the clock creating shadows below and around the room's 24 supporting pillars which serve as a engaging way of expressing time passing.

As an experience, we can learn a lot from how it makes the audience feel and ultimately react. There's no set way to experience the piece, no signposts or consumer journey and because of that each person's interaction is unique. As inspiration it makes us question whether linear journeys are always the ones to suggest to clients. Should we propose experiences that can be experienced in an entirely non-linear way, but ultimately deliver the same message?

Then there's the question around how we use an environment. This work is relevant to the architecture of The Roundhouse, but at the same time, makes us appreciate it in a different way. Should we make it our aim to conceive experiences that synthesise the environment but in a way that makes people question it?

As with any labour of love, the production values here are high. Each part of this structure is beautifully made by the artist who's totally committed to delivering his vision. As agencies, we need to consider how a project can move from creative through to production and still maintain the fervour and passion that it had at concept stage. In other words, the desire to deliver the best possible version of the idea must be what motivates each member of an agency team.

Conrad Shawcross - Timepiece, The Roundhouse Camden, Until 25 August